Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slow down

This morning's sermon was entitled Invest in eternity. The first topic was slow down! This is so true. Daily I see mothers rushing their children from activity to activity and the children do not look involved, just follow. Cell phones everywhere, ways to check your work email when you are on vacation! No time off, no relax time. This week, I slowed down, got up late, read my Bible slowly, and the same passage more than once, tried to catch up with relatives, spent great time with my husband, listened to the kids. At this point I feel marvelous, relaxed; my mind has hit a creative hill! But mostly, I've realized why I don't want to slow down. I have to think! I mean not about trivia things but things like, is this pleasing to God, what would he think, who is he anyway, do I really have to forgive, why can't I do things my way, what is the benefit in doing things his way.....Its been a peaceful couple of days, but it has also been a challenging time also. Would I give up this slow time? Absolutely not! Now I want to take it on the road-the daily grind!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Majesty of God

Jesus does matter

Today I decided to move forward in following Christ.  So, onward!  Christ asks us to follow him by imitation-our character, conduct, conversation should reflect him, just as he shows us the reflection of the Father.  

The key to following Christ lies in surrendering your view of life and accepting his.  Sounds easy, sounds dependent but it is the best thing that one can do.